Our Adoption Story

Time Line

2012-  Begin looking at agencies

  • Researching a lot and leaning toward All God’s Children International
  • 2/9- Submitted 1st official adoption application and committed to AGCI
  • 2/11- Follow up paperwork with AGCI
  • 2/21-Home Study with Donna from Home Study Services, Inc. (She is wonderful)
  • 2/21- got official approval from AGCI and Donna also mentioned that she was writing the report of approval!
  • 2/26- First official Orientation Call with AGCI and we will be assigned our Case Worker!
  • Between 2/26 and 5/3- Tons and TONS of paperwork and appointments
  • 5/3- Home study submitted to agency. This could be the final step.
  • The Goal is to have the paperwork process DONE by the end of this month. Then we will wait….
  • 6/24- Dossier Done and we are officially on the waiting list for our Ethiopian baby.
  • 12/26- Heartbreaking updates from the Ethiopian Government that a lot of corruption and trafficking is taking place in Ethiopia and the adoption process is being threatened.


  • Lots of waiting
  • May- Felt a stirring in our hearts for local adoption
  • August- Decided to update our home study for a local adoption and we would move forward in the fall after we got back from vacation
  • Sept 15th -Oct 6th- went on a vacation to Italy….It was amazing
  • Oct 8th- Get a call from our social worker about a local baby
  • Oct 10th- Receive more concrete info
  • Oct 16th- get a call that the Birth Mom would like us to adopt her baby as ours
  • November 7th- Meet the Birth mom for the first time for lunch.  We love her and so honored.  We know how brave and self-less she is.
  • November 14th- OUR BABY IS BORN!!!!!
  • November 16th- WE BRING HER HOME!!!!
  • Forever More- We are in love


  • Early January- Have to make an important decision for our international adoption and move our program to China due to continued corruption in Ethiopia
  • Early January- Meet a pregnant high schooler who we fell in love with.  She is pregnant and debating on what to do.
  • Weeks go by- Praying like crazy
  • January 29th…….She Chooses LIFE!!!!
  • May-process of adoption of baby #2! Unexpected and we are so honored and thankful.
  • May- also filling out paperwork for adoption in China.





2 Responses to Our Adoption Story

  1. Pam Chapman says:

    I love that you are adopting. Didn’t know this but am glad to pray for you on this journey. Jill would be so proud!

  2. Kim Lorton says:

    I Know from knowing your mom and dad, you are special. I knew having spent plenty of time with you, what a treasure you were. I know, from watching you grow up from near and far, how exceptional you will be. Knowing all this, and the man you married, that God will choose for you, amazing children, because these children need you both. You and Josh are the parents they will have and need to grow in to the amazing adults He has planned for them to be… And it all starts with a mom and a dad, making a family, making it work, with Him, with love, with family and the hearts you have inside. What amazing parents you are and will be, mistakes and all, how proud you will make your mom and dad… What honor you, shall bring. Love you all, praying for your adoption journey! Love, Kim

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