Proceeds will go to Fund adoptions! So if you are even slightly interested in the 21 Day Fix, Insanity Max 30 or Shakeology, Jump in AND you will be helping adoption while reaching your goals!

Well it is official. I signed up as a BEACHBODY Coach.  A couple of months ago I would have thought this was ridiculous, and no thank you! However I got hooked, and I am happy about it.

FUN FACT: Signing up through a coach provides significant discounts than going through Amazon! I looked myself 🙂

How it Started

I turned 32 in February.  Weight has always been an issue and at 32 it had me more upset than ever. I felt like my health and my weight was out of my control.  I was tired (if you have read my adoption blog updated you know why) and my stress level was high.  I felt hopeless and at times I even cried about my weight, health, and just missed feeling good about myself as a woman. Long story short, my friend Dara who is a Coach was running online accountability groups for the 21 Day Fix.  I was desperate and this was kind of my version of “hail mary” because something needed to change, so I joined. I used my birthday money. So I bought the 21 day Fix Program and Chocolate Shakeology and joined the accountability group.  Within a couple of days I LOVED IT.  I have to say, the program is great, the Shakeology is great, but the Accountability Group is what sealed it all together.

My Results

  • Round 1- Lost 7.5 lbs
  • Round 2- Lost 5.5lbs
  • Round 3- only 6 days in and lost 4lbs

this will be updated as time progresses!

Why I Became A Coach

Honestly it was just for the discount! Coaches get AWESOME discounts and if you like the programs and Shakeology it makes financial sense to get on board.  As time moved on I had A LOT of people ask me about 21 Day Fix and then by best friend decided to join with me.  This began my interest is being more than a “discount coach” but to actually move forward with some plans of running accountability groups.

My Goals as a Coach

Am I where I want to be?! Nooooooo!!! But I’m getting there and I know what has worked, and I know what hasn’t work.  My hope is to be in accountability groups with friends, and friends of friends that want to sign up through me and join in on the progress.  Let’s be vulnerable together in these private online groups and share our struggles and successes, recipes, and favorite tips.  My hope is to lead accountability groups as well.

My Promises As A coach

What I will do

  • Officially canceling my blah gym membership because I have had that too long
  • Pursue my goal along with you in our accountability group!
  • Tell you my setbacks
  • Be truthful about what BEACHBODY Programs I love and which are not my personal favs
    • Favs- 21 Day Fix, Hip Hop Abs
      • I don’t love love love  T25, just not my thing, but I know some folks love it
  • Tithe 10% on any profits made by leading you to the program
  • Give a Minimum of 10% of profits made toward adoption (no I am not talking about my own:)
  • Post weekly and invite and share

What I will NOT do

  • I will Not be Pushy or Salesy
  • It will not be something I post about all the time!
  • It will not pop up randomly in conversations, you know you have experienced that.
    • If you say, “I feel fat, and I loathe myself” ….obviously I’m gonna mention something
  • It is not WHO I am.  It is just a small piece of a Big puzzle




Top Reasons Why I LOVE It

  • It is so extremely DO-ABLE. It is the most do-able routine I have ever done.
  • Fits perfect with my working mom lifestyle
  • 30 minute workouts
  • Way cheaper than a personal trainer but I feel like I have one
  • Easy to follow meal plan and I am not a starving beast
  • Lasting results because it is teaching lifestyle habbits and not anything that is a fad

It is now bigger than p90X, and I know why. 

The program is so DO-ABLE. The workouts are short, and the meal plan is easy and not painful.  I will say, joining an accountability group makes all the difference.

Want to Join My Accountability Group? JUST ASK ME!

Here is a quick Video about the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day FIX Extreme.

BEACHBODY has a slew of really good programs. This however is my first love.


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