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When You Question God’s Sovereignty, Because It Is The First Time You Have Had To

Growing up in church, attening Sunday school, going to VBS, Church Camps and on and on, it becomes engrained in your head that God is Sovereign.  And you believe that.  Or do you?  Or is it just an acquired taste you developed … Continue reading

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Why I was Embarrassed to be a BeachBody Coach

When I first signed up as a coach and decided to actually “go for it” I felt nauseas posting my first BeachBody post. I may have even had my husband press “post” when I first announced I was coaching. Why? … Continue reading

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13 Things I have learned with adoption

Since brining Ereylah home there is a realm of new insights and experiences we have gained. Obviously each adoptive parent has a different story and set of experiences they have learned and has helped to shape them. And man oh … Continue reading

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The Day I Gave up Gluten

  Two years ago, my most common responses to the term “gluten free” would be……. -eye roll (a big one) – Ummmmm….that is dumb; people ate bread in the bible -It is a trend -Oh! Some food marketer got you … Continue reading

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BeachBody Coach – By Accident

I’m going to be totally transparent with some stuff here! Because hey, who has time for anything less?! When someone asks me how I got into coaching I say “it was a total accident,” because it was. I would have … Continue reading

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Adoption First Step….Where to begin

Hey Y’all! I have had a handful of people mention recently that they are interested in adopting but don’t  know where to begin.  This excited the tarnations out of me, and I encourage you to NOT let that feeling fade … Continue reading

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Adoption Can Be Hard….Don’t Stop Loving

  I hesitate sharing this fresh update on this adoption blog, BUT I think transparency about Adoption is needed at times.  We were told at the CAFO 2014 Conference in Chicago (Christian Alliance for Orphans) by Jed, the president, that … Continue reading

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