Why I was Embarrassed to be a BeachBody Coach

When I first signed up as a coach and decided to actually “go for it” I felt nauseas posting my first BeachBody post. I may have even had my husband press “post” when I first announced I was coaching. Why? Because I was embarrassed! I was scared about what people would think! I wish I could go back in time and give myself a hug and a pep talk and say “Katie, it is none of your business what people think. And really, they probably are not even thinking that much about you anyway so stop being a baby and Go do your thang girl!”

Here were my top 3 reasons why I was embarrassed…..

Ugh! Network Marketing…Gag me

I was pretty sure I would lose 90% of my friends and the loyal 10% would just be ashamed of me. We have all been annoyed with people selling stuff. And everyone on social media seems to be selling something. A pill, a wrap, a patch, some oil, a workout plan. I have been the victim of some obnoxious canned emails and messages from “friends” who don’t know me or know if I would even benefit from a certain product. And as quickly as they have copied and pasted their canned message and sent it my way, I have clicked “unfriend” and then avoided them in church or a restaurant if I run into them.

I have a Career, and two master’s degrees

Seriously! As pompous as this sounds, I have 2 master’s degrees and a very good career that I am proud of. Why oh why would I resort to being a Beachbody Coach? It seems like a joke right?

I am FAT

I hate this negative self talk but it was how I spoke to myself. This is probably the one thing I was most embarrassed about….that I was a Fat coach.  And let me tell you, I am STILL a serious work in progress. When I started out as a coach I was at my highest weigh on the scale. I was avoiding the mirror and clothes shopping and was trying to be the “funny” or “intellectual” girl to compensate for my ever expanding waist and chubby cheeks. Why would someone ever want me to coach them?


The reality- Net Work Marketing

You don’t have to be annoying like a used cars sales man! In fact, BeachBody begs you not to be. I started using BeachBody products in March of 2015 and fell in love. I was at the highest on the scale and the lowest with my self-esteem. I was desperate. I tried a program and I even more reluctantly tried the Shakeology and joined an accountability group. AND IT WORKED. And I get to share that story….MY STORY….It was a plan of action toward health that I could do and stick with and I had a coach and an accountability group to help keep my head in the game. I had a community of sisterhood that gave me a vision and hope. WOW!!! It was easy and no gimmicks. Yes I had to put in the work, but nothing excessive, just consistent. And it was clear cut and the results came. It lead me to losing 35lbs before I got pregnant a few months later. Now, 10 weeks post-partum and I have lost ALL MY BABY WEIGHT AND another 10lbs on top of that. That’s 45lbs down total for all of you who are like me and are mathematically impaired. Basically I lost the weight of Justin Bieber.

So this Justin Bieber sized weight loss was life changing. See that. That is my story. That is my form of “network marketing.” Sharing and being transparent and sharing that opportunity for others who may want to be apart.

Not some canned pushy email being sent to someone you know nothing about. PLEASE! GAH!

The reality- I have a Career, and two masters degrees

What is funny is that becoming a coach is one of the smarter things I have done. I actually use my MBA and MS in Marketing more now being a coach, than in my corporate job. I can be creative and paint outside of the lines and make my business be and look however I want. I love my corporate job, and make a really nice salary, but Coaching gives me freedom. Freedom to have something that is mine, which I can put as little or as much time as I would like in it. It is a job where I can be myself and be transparent and relate to people all while getting healthy myself and walking hand in hand with others while they do too.  Another form of freedom is the financial aspect.

You know what is not embarrassing? Bringing home an extra $700 a month that you didn’t anticipate. Which by the way, that monthly income has the ability to be much greater than that amount but I do have a full time corporate career as well so time is not always abundant. I started this business out being a “hobby” and now dream of growing past that. Being able to earmark that additional monthly income to whatever you want since this is money that I didn’t budget for is exciting. We use it for adoptions. For our own adoption expenses (we have an adoption going on in China) and also to help others with their adoption expenses. My friend is using it for her kid’s college fund. But it could be used for anything! How beautiful and smart is that?!!

The reality- I am FAT

This hurts to write about because it is a reminder of how out of control I felt about my health. After my first round of the 21 Day Fix I lost 8.5lbs and felt empowered. I felt like I got the wind back in my sails and was me again, but I still had A LOT to lose. I initially signed up as a coach to get Shakeology $30 off, but then a funny thing happened. Even though I still had a lot to lose, people saw that I was making progress and my best friend asked to join an accountability group with me. A week later I got a commission check in the mail.  Then another person wanted to join in since they saw I was making progress. Then I started inviting people to join the accountability group via Facebook posts. And slowly my business grew. Not because I was fit (yet), not because I was thin, or had lost a bunch of weight, but because they saw I was currently making progress. They saw that I was transparent and vulnerable and putting one foot in front of the other and marching in the direction of my health goals.  If I had waited to lose 20-30lbs to start coaching I would have lost out on THOUSANDS of Dollars. I have had way to many ladies tell me that they want to coach but they need to lose weight first. This is SO backward and false.

Bottom line, EVERY Coach is embarrassed or is worried what other people think. I still get nervous posting and inviting people to an accountability group even though I know it was one of the best and life changing decisions I have ever made by joining one.

Do you know what is not embarrassing?……Bringing in an income you never thought you would. Getting in shape and helping others get in shape. Having one of your best friends send you her before and after pictures showing her 40lb weight loss initiated by you inviting her to join you. Having more money for important things in your life. Writing a $300 check without batting an eye to a family you have never met but know that they are adopting and could use the money.

So the REAL Bottom line…. Coaching has been one of the most fulfilling and fun things I have done.

If you would like to join me or have questions feel shoot me an email via Facebook or email.







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