BeachBody Coach – By Accident

I’m going to be totally transparent with some stuff here! Because hey, who has time for anything less?! When someone asks me how I got into coaching I say “it was a total accident,” because it was. I would have never thought a year ago I would be on this journey.  I would have rolled my eyes at the thought of coaching and probably thought to myself “I have two masters degrees and a career, I would never be a BeachBody Coach.” Snotty, I know. I am being totally transparent here!!! Not to mention I was out of shape.

Most of you know I got initially hooked when I started the 21 Day Fix and drinking Shakeology. These two things have completely changed my health in a way a gym, Zumba class, hot yoga, Weight Watchers, or a no carb diet ever has. Many folks just sign up for the coach 25% off discount because they are continuing with accountability groups, and it just financially makes total sense to get Shakeology for $30 off.  And that is what I did.  It is also where I thought the story would end.

Around that same time a couple things took place. First an unexpected adoption fell into our laps, and second one of my very best friends wanted to do the 21 Day fix with me. At the time I didn’t realize how those 2 events would marry together and create a new journey and passion. I sent my Best Friend my coach link to order from, which you get even if you are just in it for the discount. About a week later I got a $70 commission check in the mail that I really didn’t think to expect. In the meantime, my husband and I were scrambling to make ends meet with this upcoming new adoption (which typically costs around $30,000). Still, not a lot of dots had connected with these two points.

The following month I decide to see if anyone wanted to join me in a monthly fitness challenge group. A couple folks did, and a few more checks came in. Then it finally dawned on me…..This is ADOPTION MONEY!  Shortly after, we got word that this adoption was unraveling for us and was not going to take place. That is okay.  God is in control, even when circumstances hurt….But what about this BeachBody thing? It took me about 5 minutes to realize that I loved coaching. I loved reaching for my health goals while standing beside others and encouraging them.  AND, I get checks in the mail for it!  What?!!!! We use part or all of the proceeds toward adoption expenses for others, and when the time comes again, for ourselves.

It is certainly not a get rich quick type business. But really, if anyone is looking for a quick dollar, then coaching and relationships are probably not their top priority, which means that they shouldn’t be a coach. It can be a lucrative business, don’t get me wrong, but it is all based on the time you put into it.  Below is a quick Income Breakdown of what has come in for me over the start of coaching. Like I said, we were excited to use part or all of these funds toward adoptions BUT some of my fellow coaches have used the funds toward debt, or much needed vacations that they typically couldn’t afford, or to help allow them to be Stay at Home moms. All so so good

So that is kind of a quick synopsis of how this little journey rolled out. I am excited to be on this path and I will keep running accountability groups until no one is interested, BUT EVERY MONTH someone new wants in!!  They want in because it works!  Because it gets people to their goals in such a do-able way and they see the results everyone is having.

I love this new journey. You may too. Don’t ever be shy asking me questions about coaching or adoptions.

Love, Katie


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