21 Day Fix….my story

“In Early March I was tired and desperate for a change. I am a new mom, and although we adopted our baby the weight was piling on because of the lack of sleep and time for myself. I was nowhere near my goal weight and I was slipping further and further from it. I also battle some auto-immune issues that had flared up in February. I was scared and disappointed.

It was time to do something and going to the gym was just not panning out because it was taking away from too much family time, unless I went really late at night or very early in the morning, and I was already sleep deprived so that wasn’t happening.

Reluctantly but optimistically I joined Dara’s accountability group and purchased the 21 Day Fix Challenge pack. I didn’t know if the accountability group was going to encourage me, or if the 21 Day Fix was going to be a legit program, or if I would like Shakeology. I LOVED THEM ALL. What is interesting now that I have perspective is that at first it seemed like a pricy penny to get a challenge pack since I didn’t understand the value of what I was getting into, however now understanding how much that first step impacted me, it seems like such a small investment.

The 21 Day Fix is a great program. PERFECT for working moms, or any moms/women!!! HOWEVER….the accountability group was the KEY variable to kept me going. I had friends that did the 21 day fix on their own and they didn’t stick with it. I am still in an accountability group and will continue to be in one. The group is encouraging, shares recipes, stories, pictures, and just forms a community that makes you want to ensure you get that 30 minute workout it.

This has been the best decision I made in a long time. I still have a ways to go, but who doesn’t?!! Oh AND my auto-immune issues have drastically decreased!”

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