I can officially say we are “Paperwork Pregnant”- ha!

After MONTHS of paperwork, doctors visits (for the paperwork), Notaries, Recommendation Letters, Home studies, Renewed Passports, Power of Attorneys, Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses, Local and Federal Back Ground Checks, Fingerprints, Bank account statements, Investment Statements, Letters of Employment from our companies, and on and on, we turned in our Dossier yesterday! Let me tell you, it truly felt like a bigger accomplishment and relief  than it did a few weeks ago when I graduated with my MBA/MS.

I started this paperwork process with the mentality of “go go go” in mind, and I think the Lord knew this was going to be a lesson in patience building, and a way to say “Katie Chill Out.” We ran into so many hurdles that forced me to practice breathing and understanding that God’s timing is best. This is a valuable, lesson that I will take into our waiting period as we wait to get our referral, which is the assignment of our baby. I think one of the hardest things in my spiritual walk is to do what Psalm 46:10 says. to “Be still and know that I am God.”  As a women it is so easy for me to want to do whatever I can, and if there is nothing I can do, then just sit there is silent panic, instead of truly trusting in God and His timing in all things. Matthew 6:26 says that God cares about the birds and what they eat, so of course he cares about this paperwork, our adoption, and really everything else small…So why can’t I always rest in that?  Well, it is something I will always need to pray about 🙂

Any……Yesterday Josh and I dropped off our mounds of paperwork to UPS and I told him that we would be taking pictures.  And for those of you that know Josh, he was of course easy going about the idea.  When we got in the store, it was a bit busier than normal.  When we got to the front of the line, I think Josh lost his nerve, especially since there were too impatient macho men behind us, so when I told him that we still had to take pictures of us kissing the UPS envelope before we turned it in he said “are you really serious?” Of course I was serious! And we made the UPS guy take the picture.

It was too funny because I thought the guys behind us were going to lose it. They really had not waited that long for us, but the line was taking longer than normal before it was our turn so that didn’t help our case. After the pictures, I turned to the line and told everyone we were adopting and just turned in the final paperwork for Ethiopia. It was too funny, because those macho men turned to butter. They got big smiles on their faces and became so patient, and kept saying congratulations.

What a good day!

ps. Our wait time is still 2-3 years. I think it will be on the lesser side of that time line, but maybe that is just me wishing 🙂

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One Response to DOSSIER D.O.N.E.

  1. Jenny Peppers says:

    Katie, I am so happy for you and Josh! I didn’t realize this is what you guys were planning to do but i think its amazing and wonderful! Glad you posted a link on Pinterest so i could come across this:) Congratulations to the both of you and can’t wait to follow this blog – XO – Peppers

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