Graduation done and Dossier almost done!

So since January I have worked full time, went to school full time, and jump over all the hoops of the adoption process, and there are many many hoops. I thought when school was over I would be so relieved but for some reason I am actually sad. I am looking forward to just “being” and working and waiting for our baby, but I actually have the grad school blues. So weird! There was a blog that I came across and it put words to my feelings. I thought it was really really good so I am posting it 🙂


by Michael Diliberto
I’m sure that I am not the first one to use this term. Or the first to feel this way. But it’s been nearly a year since the conferment of my master’s degree, and ever since then, I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts.

I’ve decided to call this my “Post-Graduate Depression.”

Here’s the issue: for almost two years, I was surrounded by really smart people. Really smart people who I enjoyed being around. We interacted nearly every day and worked on projects together that pushed the limits of our cognitive abilities, our communication skills, and our patience, and in the end, we did some great things. We worked hard, barely slept and in the end, I would do it all over again in a minute. My time at grad school was a life-changing experience, in a good way. I learned to be more analytical, I learned that I like finance (who would have thought!) and most of all, I learned how much I thrive on intellectual stimulation (a lot).

The issue occurred once school was over. Suddenly, the intellectual stimulation of being surrounded by dozens of smart people was gone, and I for one missed the interaction greatly.

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