What do a cat, lizard and a social worker have in common? ….our Home Study

kitty and lizardLet me first start off and say that our home study went great. We just love our home study agent, Donna. She is so kind and patient and has a good sense of humor (thank the Lord after the day she had with us). So the day started out good, our house looked impeccable, which is not totally common and we were as ready as we could be. Donna came to the door, our interview started, and we heard the kitty door open. Our tiniest kitty, Ashlynn, brought in the biggest lizard to date that she has brought in the house. Not totally a huge deal, but not something I would want her to bring in during our home study. Oh well, Josh was going to grab it while she played with in on the floor, but this time unlike every other time was different. She decided to jump on the top of our couch with the lizard in her mouth and shake it. Donna jumped, and Ashlynn dropped the lizard between the back of the couch and the cushion then began to frantically hunt for it. At this point I was also standing up, not being a lizard lover myself. Ashlynn then found the lizard and got it back in her mouth and jumped from the top of the couch to the cushion then to the floor and over Donna’s purse. This is the part of the story that gets fuzzy when it comes to the details of what exactly transpired. Josh then thought the lizard ran under the coffee table, and he still swears that it was under there. I however had a sick feeling in my stomach as to where the lizard really was. Josh then slowly lifts up the coffee table, our cat Ashlynn dives under the table frantically trying to find the lizard. Josh then thinks he is going to accidentally drop the table on Ashlynn so he lifts the table up fast to catch it before falling on our kitty, but didn’t realize that our vintage vase, with sea glass and candles was on the table, which then smashed to the floor breaking in a hundred pieces all over the floor.

All while this was happening, I was not laughing but staring at the ground. Donna asked me if I was okay, and I quietly told her that I think the lizard was in her purse. She said “nooooo” in a light hearted manor and picked up her purse, then found out that the lizard was truly in her purse when it JUMPED out at her, and I do mean JUMP. She then screamed and threw her purse. About 5 Mississippi’s later her and Josh were laughing. It is now a month later, and I still don’t know if I have laughed but I am glad they did 🙂 I swept up the glass, Josh got Donna and me diet cokes, we sat back down then Josh reintroduced us, like nothing ever happened.

It truly was a good day, and an answer to prayer. Donna did say she was recommending us and was so sweet and even emailed me the next day telling me that she adored us. What a sweet sweet woman. I wrote back and told her how much I appreciated her and signed it with love, Katie, Ashlynn and the lizard. 🙂

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One Response to What do a cat, lizard and a social worker have in common? ….our Home Study

  1. Rachel says:

    Your kids are going to love that story, Katie! Sounds like a movie. 😉

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