China- Child in Waiting

This is an amazing video about adoption in China. Please watch it. I promise it will speak to your heart. Josh and I are thinking about our second adoption already through the “child in waiting program.” There is a 6 year waiting list for “healthy infants” but there is about a one year wait for children with minor/correctable to major medical problems.

It is advised by most social workers to adopt an infant (or under 12 months) with a healthier medical history if it is your first child. After we have our first baby from Ethiopia, then our bio baby (if that is Gods plan), we will be strongly looking at the China Child in Waiting program.

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One Response to China- Child in Waiting

  1. mrsflasch says:

    How wonderful Katie! What a blessing you will be to the children you adopt. I loved this video about Zoe. It really touched my heart. Praying for you guys on this journey. =D

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