A Piece of the Puzzle

And so it begins!! We are beyond excited. Yesterday Josh and I officially turned in the first of a series of paperwork (and payments!) for our child in Ethiopia. We dont know if this child is a boy or a girl, or if we will be coming home with one, or with two kiddos since we are open to syblings, but we know that God has this child picked to a “T” and they were born with their last name to be Finklea.

I spent the weekend speaking to moms all around the country that adopted from Ethiopia, all of who went through the agency Josh and I will be using. We went on their blogs and watched their “gotcha day” videos! See, Im already getting in with the lingo! I never even heard of a Gotcha Day before this weekend, and now I can’t wait for ours. We cried tears of joy and have butterflies of excitement. I am so thankful for these moms that spent time with me over the weekend talking to me on the phone, and emailing me their stories. One mom in particular named Leah from NM touched my heart and I believe God used her story and her words to speak to me at the exact time when I needed to hear it. She was clear on how it is all God’s timing. It is so easy to get wrapped up into the process, thinking and stressing on what we can control, when in reality we have no control, because the process is in God’s hands. I could already find myself starting to stress what day we would submit the paperwork, because that in turn determines where we fall in line for our child assignment which in turn would effect who our child would be. Leah reminded me that there is no special formula. God has his hand in all the timing. I am so thankful for her words.

It was almost strange watching some of the videos of the first time these families met their son or daughter because it was such an intimate and special moment, yet these moms are SO excited to share their story and pass on the joy and hope that has changed their lives forever.

Below is a video from a mom I spoke to through email. I can’t wait to meet our child.

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One Response to A Piece of the Puzzle

  1. jenn harris says:

    Tear..tear…Thanks for sharing the beginning of your journey. We cannot wait to meet baby Finklea, and for baby Harris to have a playmate. We love you guys!!!! Love- jenn & tim

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